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home staging nycReal Estate Agents know that to sell a home it’s all about the product’s image, pricing and marketing strategy. It’s a challenge to make sure each component is just right when trying to attract buyers, especially when they can’t see past the current owner’s personal belongings or a vacant property’s hidden potential. So why not lend them a helping hand, while making more money for your client faster by using Stylish Stagers, Inc.

Home Gain’s 2011 National Survey results show home staging has a 299% return on investment. 8o% of agents recommended this service to their clients—are you putting your client’s home in the best light?

home staging nyc

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from your competition while having more control over your sales partner with Stylish Stagers, Inc. We can help you incorporate our services into your listing presentation and resolve challenges you may have convincing clients about home staging through education. The cost of staging is much less than the first price reduction. Here at Stylish Stagers, Inc. we value our Realtors by providing special discounts, free services and a referral program contact us to find out more about what we offer.

We also provide in-office agent training. To find out how our experts can help your team of agents learn more about home staging contact us.

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