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It’s an expensive and time-consuming job to build and renovate homes. Budgets become overextended and many times you just want to get the project finished with the highest Return On Investment (ROI). Then it’s worth mentioning that home staging is ranked number 2, according to Home Gain’s 2009 National Survey, as getting the most bank for your buck when selling. Here’s why, only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize themselves in the home, leaving many confused on how large the layout is, what’s the room’s purpose and where to put the furniture. Without a place to rest their eyes buyers may also start looking for small imperfections or questioning the seller’s motives. All of this can have buyers lose focus of the home’s potential and cost a sale.

home staging nycLet Stylish Stagers, Inc. set the image your looking for to capture the buyer’s attention quickly. We partner-up with furniture rental companies in your area to supply critical pieces to the design. Then add rented accessories and create a lifestyle buyer’s wish to aspire to through vignettes. This service is based on your needs and budget. Even limited staging to your project will have a huge impact on buyers. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) 2009 study shows that 87 vacant homes (not staged) sat on the market on average 277 days unsold. Those same properties were then staged and sold on average 63 days after staging. That’s 78% less time on the market, can you afford not to stage?

We can help you throughout your building experience:

  • Choose buyer friendly building supplies
  • Pick the right paint color
  • Rental Furniture
  • Stage Home
  • Marketing Online
  • Professional Photography
  • Connection to Real Estate Agents
  • Monitor Property while on Market
  • And More…

Here at Stylish Stagers, Inc. we value our Builder and Investor partnerships by providing special discounts, free services and a referral program contact us to find out how we can complete the look of your project.

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